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Welp, now you can! You see, this site has a plot going on, and it's got a bit of a shortage of the three races above (The Hylians are overpopulating!), and as those races seem to be the ones that get some serious plots, I figured it'd be good to see about finding some Majora's Mask fans out there that wouldn't mind giving it a whirl. Because the more of those races we got, the bigger the plots! The bigger the stories! The bigger the.... HOOPLAH!


A friendly community, and a serious tribute to Majora's Mask, this is something I wholly recommend taking a peek at!
Josh would take a deep breath as his eyes moved toward the crowd that Chromson was pointing toward. Sure, Chromson was their King, their leader... But today, Josh DragonsFlame, the rightful King Of Alcadia, Alcadian Knight, and the Grandmaster, the Leader... Of the newly reformed DragonLord Order.. Was their conquering hero once again with his DragonLords at his back. He had proven himself to them once again, in front of their very eyes the leader he could be, and while he might have rejected the crown, right now he was the man the people were looking at, were looking to, and who they would listen to. He had won that right today. Now, it was time to shape history, make history, and change things for the better. He was the one with the information now... The information that the people needed to hear.

He closed his eyes for a moment, taking everything in, drinking it all in... His father, before he had turned to madness, he remembered... He had told him that one day there would come a time where he would have to be strong, take charge and become the leader that he was destined to be. It was in his blood, his genes... And while he had rejected his birthright, his fate was tied with that of the rest of Alcadia.

His gaze would turn to the DragonLords that had come with him. Each of them he would call brave souls, for accompanying him on what many may have called a suicide mission. And this was indeed a suicide mission but a suicide mission that somehow, someway, they had succeeded in.

Doug. Douglas Glick. He was the first to come to mind. The first Mobian to ever join the DragonLord Order in it's long history. Almost every battle that had come during the Order's short stint so far since being reinstated, Doug had been there, fighting his hardest, and doing all he could to protect a land that he wasn't even from... But a land that was his home now. He had a family, he recalled, but he still came on this suicide mission. If they had failed, what would have become of them? His wife would have been a widow, his newborn children, twins, without a father... What kind of life was that? And when Doug was identified, his family would have been executed too for treason... Josh felt guilty then, for not telling Doug to stay away until it was over. He had almost cost them everything... But still, Doug was here, he had volunteered himself, even if Josh had been stern about the situation. He had to be... He had to drive home how important this was, but he hated doing it. But... What kind of leader could Josh be if he wasn't able to command the respect of the people he was supposed to lead? If he could not be stern and tough enough to command that respect, he did not earn that respect, or the title of Grandmaster that had been bestowed upon him, he thought. But Doug had been willing to sacrifice everything to come here, to serve... He had sacrificed already his position in GUN in order to join, but still he continued to make sacrifices. He was loyal indeed...

His gaze turned next to Gabe. Gabriel Shadowstone, one of the twin sons of Vance Shadowstone. Once their enemy, Gabe had joined the DragonLords after finding out that Vance was his father, and became even more loyal when it became clear that his father had been possessed by Teivel. He knew the Assassin had led a hard life, moreso then he had, and that he had a personal reason for being here. But him being here made his loyalty unquestionable. He was willing to sacrifice his membership to the Assassins to do this... Josh would not forget that.

He looked to his brother, Nick... Nicholas DragonsFlame. He never wanted this. He never wanted any part of this. If Nick had a choice he'd stay the hell away from the DragonLords and live a quiet life with Jenny and Nick Jr. They, and his military position with GUN, was his life... GUN defined Nick. Ever since they indoctrinated him, they were all he knew. And Teivel had taken that away from him. He had stripped Nick of his identity, who he was, and what he had worked hard for. And now here he was.. He had a family too. A family he put at risk by being here. He even sacrificed the new position in the Alcadian Military to do this. He could have stayed away... But he didn't. He knew what he had to do. He had joined the DragonLords for revenge, yes.. But to protect the land that was once his home as well. And Josh knew that Nick would serve with his life to do so. It had been a long road for Nick to end up here... But a sacrifice like this, he wouldn't forget.

Zero Hawkeye... Josh had known Zero a long time. Teivel had destroyed his home too, and Zero knew that Teivel would do the same to Alcadia if nobody stopped him... But Zero had a family too. And Josh knew that. Sacrificing their well-being as well as his own to come here resonated with him. He just wished  there was more he could do to reward someone like Zero, especially considering this wasn't his first battle. He had appeared at many of the battles the DragonLords had faced as well... And he was sure that Zero would appear in many more as the years went on.

But it wasn't just the veterans he knew from before that had gotten swept up in all this... His gaze went to the newcomers, Jaden Hoffman and Laurel Kawachi. They didn't know what they were getting into when they were brought here. They didn't know the risks they were taking, risking being outcasted, executed, and their families being threatened... But they knew those risks when they came here, when they could have left when Josh had told them. Instead, they sacrificed everything to be here... And he knew the both of them had a future.

His gaze went to the woman nearby him, his wife, Diamond... They had been through so much together. Danger was normal for them, sacrifice and risk was normal for them... But still, through thick and thin, she had stuck with him. While Diamond did not participate in the battle, she had participated in countless others, and coming here alone had outed her as a member of the Order, sacrificing any chance of her getting away with the kids if something had gone wrong. She had sacrificed her golden ticket away if things hadn't gone in their favor, just to be there with him... And he knew that he had made the right choice in marrying Dia. Five years, and still going strong... And still many years to go.

Kaiden Jades and Sasha Len... Kaiden had been a loyal member for quite some time. While he had no family to risk, he was the Captain of the Dragonscale Blades... Joining the DragonLords and getting caught had cost him his entire life, everything he had lived for, worked for, his entire life... It was gone like that, and his life was about to as well if they hadn't stepped in... Kaiden had almost been killed for being a DragonLord, and had endangered his position, as well as his girlfriend, Sasha, in order to serve... That he wouldn't forget. Sasha too, had sacrificed her chance to get away scott free after Kaiden had been captured, but instead she was here to be by his side, as a member of the DragonLords. She was a keeper for sure, Kaiden.

Brave souls... All of them. This battle and the people who fought in it would not be forgotten. Finally, it was time he addressed the people. He would breathe... Then speak.

"People of Alcadia! There lurks a threat amongst us!" He would call. Someone would call back "A threat? I'll bet it's Gary! Get him!" He said as a group of people in the audience would attack a guy in the audience named Gary. "No, it's not Gary!" Josh said, facepalming.

The Adventurer had been sleeping quite soundly for a change, without nightmares or insomnia... At least, until the sun came up and hit his face through the window. The blonde moved hair from his face as he groggily turned in his barely-awake trance to look at the mirror nearby. What he hadn't expected was a female face to stare back at him.

In his barely-awake trance though, he was a bit too sleepy to realize that was a mirror he was looking into... And he'd been mistaken. "Selene....?" he murmured sleepily. "By the Goddesses, you're fucking early..." he muttered quietly. He remembered faintly making a new ground rule when the two had arranged to hang out for the day... Today. If he remembered correctly, after that whole sick incident of his, he'd told her that if he was badly late again, to just let her into the house in case he was dead or sick or something. Better she knew what was going on, then be waiting outside for him, for hours on end. But she wasn't supposed to be here for another hour, he thought as he eyed the clock.

Then he looked at the "person" again and realized something. The girl had blonde hair. Selene didn't have blonde hair. But wait, who the fuck was in his house? IN HIS BED!?

That woke him up.

He sat up in bed instantly, wide awake. He frantically looked around the room... No girl. Then his eyes settled on the mirror. His eyes widened with a look of horror as he looked at the female face that stared back at him. Then he looked down at himself. Where the hell had the bazookas come from?

"GAH!" he let out as he fell off the bed in a fright, instantly shocked and fearful of what in the world was going on. "What the fuck..." he muttered as he got up, scantily dressed. He wasn't even wearing a shirt, just a pair of pajama pants.

"Okay, what... In the HELL... Is going on?" he let out as he looked around at the room, then at himself. Selene was going to show up in an hour, he had to find a way to fix this before it was too late. How the hell was he going to explain to Selene that instead of Josh DragonsFlame taking her out for dinner, she was instead being taken out by Joshalina? It'd be way too awkward... But how had this happened? How in the world had he just turned into a woman overnight?

The free samples.

Josh's eyes widened as he remembered taking free samples for a new nutrition drink from a shady guy not too long ago, in a stall in Clock Town. How could he have been so foolish? Clock Town was known for it's shady sorts... He should have known that this guy was a little TOO friendly! But potions like that must wear off soon enough, right? Maybe by the time Selene showed up, it'd have worn off? He looked over at the clock...

He'd read the damn thing wrong. He'd slept in! Selene was going to be here in about 10 minutes! Josh's eyes widened and he cursed violently to himself as he threw the blanket off him. "CRAP!" he let out, cursing his inability to wake up properly on what's usually considered a day off. "Damn you, force of habit!" he let out irritably. Normally, he knew Selene wouldn't be mad if he slept in and took a bit of extra time to get ready. He knew she understood the exhaustion from guard duties and adventuring, and sleeping in was normal to him thanks to it. But HOW in the HELL was he supposed to explain THIS!?

He let out a groan, flopping back onto the bed and burying his face in the pillow. He'd had a long shift yesterday... Maybe Selene would think he was tired and asleep, and she'd come back later in the day, having understood? He could explain this situation later then, although he doubted Selene would believe him. He heard a knock on the door, and buried himself in blankets. Crap, she was here!

"Josh, I'm here!" Someone would call. Of course, he knew who it was. Selene Merrows, a close friend of his. He didn't answer, and a minute or so would go by without an answer as the silver-haired maiden would wonder just what he was up to. Maybe he was getting ready? Or maybe he'd just slept in. Thinking perhaps the latter, Selene would decide to abide by the "Open Door" policy they'd instated in case of a situation like this, and would walk in, looking around. Nothing seemed amiss in the house, but she also didn't hear the blonde getting ready at all. She let out an amused sigh, he's probably still sleeping. She would decide to check his bedroom to wake him up. "Hey sleepyhead~" Selene caw'd playfully as she opened the door. "You're la-"

She was cut off when she saw the mess of long hair on the bed, that wasn't Josh's hair... But a female face would move from her place buried in the pillow to look at Selene. The bumps in the bed made it look like there were two forms in the bed, and the female one was scantily clad, seeing as Josh hadn't gotten a chance to dress...

The silver-haired mailgirl let out a gasp, her hands reaching her mouth as she backed up, her cheeks a deep crimson. Josh hadn't told her he had a girlfriend, or had company! "I-I'm so sorry!" She managed to get out, wanting to get the hell out of there as soon as she could after having, what she assumed, walked in on the two after something she didn't want to imagine. At the same time, she felt incredibly upset. It was here she realized that she had clenched her fists and her knuckles had turned a ghostly white. She felt incredibly sad upon seeing it, but she just couldn't understand why. Maybe it was because Josh had accidentally slipped up and stood her up for their plans to spend the day together? No, it wasn't that... But she couldn't fathom why. Still, she was seconds from backing away when the female would speak. "Selene?" Josh would call over to her. The jig was up, all he could do was explain...

"H-huh?" Selene would respond, looking back over. How did the female know her name? "I-It's me.... Josh...." Josh would shyly say, looking down at the ground, his face red. This was horrifically embarrassing, he thought to himself.

"W-what?" Selene responded, not truly believing it. "I-I don't know what happened!" Josh claimed, holding his hands up. "I woke up like this! I don't know if it'll wear off, and I was too embarrassed to come out afterword... I was kind of hoping it would wear off and I'd be back to normal before you arrived, but I'm still like this..." He said, scratching his head. "I'm so confused, I don't know what to do, and I feel horrible for making you think I'd stood you up. I'm so sorry Selene..." He whispered, closing his eyes.

Selene's gaze would soften as this set in, and she sighed, sitting on the bed beside "her", pulling her genderbent friend into a hug. "It's okay" She whispered. "Hey, on the bright side, now I can take you shopping!" She suddenly burst out with an almost cheeky look. Josh would stare at her, wondering if she was serious or kidding with him. He had snarked Selene so many times, he wouldn't be surprised if she took the opportunity now. "I'll... I'll pass" He said, taking a breath. All of a sudden, a cloud of smoke would emanate from Josh, obscuring him from Selene's vision. Once it cleared, the male frame of Josh DragonsFlame that Selene knew had returned to normal. Josh would look in the mirror and take a big breath in relief.

"Thank Hylia... I didn't know how long I could handle that" He said. "I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown" He explained. "Well, if you're not too down... Can we still hang out for the day?" Selene would ask. She'd come all this way after all, and had made the plans... He wasn't going to stand her up, was he? Though she would understand if he was a bit too exhausted from the ordeal to do it... They could do it another day, right?

Josh would smile faintly, and nod. "Aye, just wait for me downstairs. I'll go get ready" He promised as he went to go grab his things.

Thank Hylia that was over.
"I mean.... Come on, DRAGON. LORDS. What did you think we partnered with? Bunnies?"
- Kaiden Jades, 1/4/2015, 3:28 PM.
Welp, now you can! You see, this site has a plot going on, and it's got a bit of a shortage of the three races above (The Hylians are overpopulating!), and as those races seem to be the ones that get some serious plots, I figured it'd be good to see about finding some Majora's Mask fans out there that wouldn't mind giving it a whirl. Because the more of those races we got, the bigger the plots! The bigger the stories! The bigger the.... HOOPLAH!


A friendly community, and a serious tribute to Majora's Mask, this is something I wholly recommend taking a peek at!


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I'm someone who sees life in a different light. A different perspective. But love me or hate me, I don't stab people in the back, I don't break people's trust. I am quiet to some, and full of life to others.

I have lived different, I have grown up different, I think different, I see different, I feel different, and I am proud to be different. A mistake many people make is judging me based on what they hear, or what they first see. Never a conversation is made, and judgement is placed before they get to know me.

Sure, to some that might seem like a difficult social life to live, but I am proud to say I have persevered, I have survived, and all in all I have survived the horrors known as the primary education system, with all it's pitfalls, all it's traps and all it's temptations, all while retaining the grace of who I am. If that sounds conceited, then conceited I may be, but no matter what people think of me, I am proud to be me.

I have a rather mixed moral code. I'm against drinking, smoking, drug use, and of course the abuse of others both physically and emotionally.

At the same time, I have no gripes of dealing a verbal smackdown to someone who deserves it and it is justified. I'm someone who speaks my mind, and even if it kills me, I wouldn't have it any other way. Some may see the way I go about speaking my mind and being honest at all times as harsh, but for the friends whom know lies, know dishonesty, and know betrayal, this brutal honesty can be a welcome addition.

I aspire to become something a bit out of the ordinary. What's that, you might ask? Well, Professional Wrestling isn't exactly ordinary. It's been a dream, a goal, an aspiration since I was a young boy, and even in my adult years that passion for the business, the desire to go out there and entertain like you know you can, it hasn't faltered. And as long as I live, I hope and pray it never falters, for I feel in my veins that this is my life, this is the direction that I feel the need to go. As of this writing, I am possibly 2 months away from walking the first steps, taking that first maiden voyage into my dreams, an adventure that will bring pain, suffering, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, excitement, enjoyment, and one day, triumph. Conviction. Contentment. Careers are short, and this business is dangerous, but after fighting such an uphill battle to get here, nothing will stop me now. I have come too far, gone through too much pain to quit, and I will not stop until everything is said and done.

With life, comes heartbreak. Comes betrayal. With a moral code, comes a sour opinion on cheating, using, etc. It's happened, and it will happen again, I know. But for me, there is no excuse for it. Why there are people like that in this world, it is beyond me.

My name is Joshua Gavin. I am one of over 7 billion. I am unique and proud of it.

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