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Divorced.... Well, without the whole courtroom thing... She's kind of a skeleton over my fireplace right now yknow?

vance Shadowstone Didn't know Divorce by Death was legally binding... >__>

manu Xextos Shhh, divorce is the best excuse... Nobody will suspect a thing.

vance Shadowstone o_____O Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. . .

. . .

. . . *shuffles away* Dude.

manu Xextos

Oh lighten up, she was going to butcher me in my sleep so she could have the money and house for herself anyways. I just beat the schutta to the punch.

vance Shadowstone Oh, in that case it was completely f-- what were you doing with a woman who wanted to butcher you in your sleep!? Ever heard of Stranger Danger? Vetting the Applicants!? Love via Murderous Rage isn't . . . ain't. . . . *grabs hair, whines* Wh-- huh...

manu Xextos She was HOT, can you blame me? And the sex was good. I just happened to eavesdrop... You don't spill your plans to your stupid friend with a Sith in the same house in the next room over... Her stupidity derailed it
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Josh Gavin
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I'm someone who sees life in a different light. A different perspective. But love me or hate me, I don't stab people in the back, I don't break people's trust. I am quiet to some, and full of life to others.

I have lived different, I have grown up different, I think different, I see different, I feel different, and I am proud to be different. A mistake many people make is judging me based on what they hear, or what they first see. Never a conversation is made, and judgement is placed before they get to know me.

Sure, to some that might seem like a difficult social life to live, but I am proud to say I have persevered, I have survived, and all in all I have survived the horrors known as the primary education system, with all it's pitfalls, all it's traps and all it's temptations, all while retaining the grace of who I am. If that sounds conceited, then conceited I may be, but no matter what people think of me, I am proud to be me.

I have a rather mixed moral code. I'm against drinking, smoking, drug use, and of course the abuse of others both physically and emotionally.

At the same time, I have no gripes of dealing a verbal smackdown to someone who deserves it and it is justified. I'm someone who speaks my mind, and even if it kills me, I wouldn't have it any other way. Some may see the way I go about speaking my mind and being honest at all times as harsh, but for the friends whom know lies, know dishonesty, and know betrayal, this brutal honesty can be a welcome addition.

I aspire to become something a bit out of the ordinary. What's that, you might ask? Well, Professional Wrestling isn't exactly ordinary. It's been a dream, a goal, an aspiration since I was a young boy, and even in my adult years that passion for the business, the desire to go out there and entertain like you know you can, it hasn't faltered. And as long as I live, I hope and pray it never falters, for I feel in my veins that this is my life, this is the direction that I feel the need to go. As of this writing, I am possibly 2 months away from walking the first steps, taking that first maiden voyage into my dreams, an adventure that will bring pain, suffering, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, excitement, enjoyment, and one day, triumph. Conviction. Contentment. Careers are short, and this business is dangerous, but after fighting such an uphill battle to get here, nothing will stop me now. I have come too far, gone through too much pain to quit, and I will not stop until everything is said and done.

With life, comes heartbreak. Comes betrayal. With a moral code, comes a sour opinion on cheating, using, etc. It's happened, and it will happen again, I know. But for me, there is no excuse for it. Why there are people like that in this world, it is beyond me.

My name is Joshua Gavin. I am one of over 7 billion. I am unique and proud of it.

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