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[4:59:32 PM] Ruth Victoria: Bergundy let out a sudden but DRAMATIC gasp, which was quickly followed by an excited squeal and excessive waving of arms. This went on for a few seconds. Once the young girl managed to catch her breath, she shouted: «That was AWESOME!»
[5:01:34 PM] Josh: "Huh?" He let out as he looked over. "When did she get here?" He asked, tilting his head. Looks like they weren't far enough from camp, the explosion had probably woken a few people up.
[5:02:44 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd looked to the sides and shrugged. "Well. Besides that point, thank ya, laday." He said towards Bergundy with a snicker.
[5:10:22 PM] Ruth Victoria: Bergundy looked over at the two boys and stuttered. «Heh.. Hi. I uh- sort of followed you here.» She smiled at Lloyd awkwardly, then Josh and proceeded to stare at her own shoes for a bit.[5:11:37 PM] Josh: "Sorry if we woke anybody up" He spoke with a casual shrug"
[5:11:55 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Ya... It's our bad." Lloyd said, his head tilting slightly.
[5:16:57 PM | Edited 5:18:54 PM] Ruth Victoria: «That’s alright, most of us are heavy sleepers» Bergundy shrugged, then continued: «So… How d’you do that anyway!? That was so cool!!»
[5:19:37 PM] Josh: "Well..." He began as he scratched his head. "My dad said that each living person has an energy inside them. I think he called it uh... Ki! Yeah! Ki! And if you focus it right, you can use the hidden energy in your body to harness Ki and do things like that with training!"
[5:21:12 PM] Ruth Victoria: «WAY COOL!» she shouted eagerly. «Teach me?»
[5:22:40 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Ya think we can show da lady?" Lloyd asked Josh.
[5:22:56 PM] Josh: "Oh, I suppose" He said as he would walk over. "Why not"
[5:24:40 PM] Ruth Victoria: Bergundy nodded. «Yeah, why not!» she exclaimed in delight
[5:27:31 PM] Josh: "Well, hold out your hands..." He said as he held his hands up, close to each other. "And you try to find that power inside you, and focus it between your hands" He explained. As he was plenty used to it by now, he was easily able to focus his energy, and a ball of energy would spawn between his hands. "This is my ki energy, which can be manipulated in many different ways"
[5:29:47 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd scratched his chin as he observed. He was sort of familiar with how it all worked, but it was still fun to watch.
[5:33:27 PM] Ruth Victoria: Burgundy intently mirrored Joshua’s movements but after keeping at it for a bit she frowned, pouted and in a frustrated voice she said «It’s not working! Why isn’t it working?».
[5:33:46 PM] Josh: He shrugged. "It takes a few tries" He explained
[5:34:11 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Ya. It takes time." Lloyd said.
[5:34:50 PM] Ruth Victoria: «How long did it take you guys?» she queried
[5:35:28 PM | Edited 5:36:00 PM] Josh: "About... Fifteen minutes?" He said, blissfully unaware that Saiyans just had an easier time of it.
[5:38:52 PM] Ruth Victoria: «FIFTEEN? It took you that long?» Bergundy turned her attention to Lloyd and asked him the same.
[5:40:37 PM] Josh: "Well you've been going a little bit and still haven't gotten it" He remarked with an irritated pout. "Let's see you do it in less!"
[5:40:50 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "I forgot how long it took me... It took a while, though." Lloyd said with a shrug.
[5:45:19 PM] Ruth Victoria: Bergundy wanted to master it so badly but after giving it several tries for a good few minutes, as impatient as she was, she decided to give up. «Must be the weather», she muttered.
[5:46:51 PM] Josh: He chuckled. "So, it's been 20. What was that about taking too long?" He asked with a grin. Even as a child, he had just a bit of Saiyan pride...
[5:48:38 PM] Ruth Victoria: «I’ll get it eventually», she said. «Just you wait..»
[5:49:38 PM] Josh: "Go on, keep trying" He said. "You gotta focus. Close your eyes, relax and really focus your energy"
[5:53:26 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd had taken a seat on the ground. "Ya. You can do it." He said with encouragement.
[6:00:49 PM] Ruth Victoria: Bergundy held her hands up once again and gave it numerous tries, working incredibly hard to stay focused on the task. After another 20 minutes she finally saw a pea sized ball of energy form between her hands. «I did it» she cheered moments before it disappeared, only having been visible for a few seconds. «Sort of..» she sighed.
[6:01:54 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd clapped. "Ya! See?" He said cheerfully.
[6:02:54 PM] Josh: He chuckled a bit. "It takes practice"
[6:04:26 PM] Ruth Victoria: Bergundy nodded. «Yeah» she agreed.
[6:08:56 PM] Josh: "Anyway, not much else we can do for you, just practice on your own time" He said. "Should probably head back to bed so Lloy and I can finish. We'll go back afterword"
[6:12:11 PM] Ruth Victoria: «I guess…But before I do, thanks for teaching me. You two made it look so easy!»
[6:14:20 PM] Josh: He smiled a bit. "Welcome" He said, before turning to Lloyd. "Ready?"
[6:15:45 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd smiled. "I like to help people." He said. He then turned towards Josh. "And sure." He replied.
[8/24/2015 4:04:39 AM] Josh: The day had been spent getting used to the new clouds. From there, the team (Joshua, Lloyd, Katelyn, Celia, Pelgrim, and whatever Ruth's characters name is) had decided to set up camp once it had gotten dark. A campfire had been set up and a good deal of the group was asleep. Joshua? He couldn't sleep. He was too excited over the idea of finding their forth dragon ball, hopefully in the morning. So he just stared at the stars as the fire crackled. He felt as though something was nearby though... It intrigued his innocent little mind.
[8/25/2015 12:42:04 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd had been rolling around a little. It seems like he was also having a bit of trouble getting to sleep. His eyes slowly opened and he grumbled a little. Was he also excited or just having trouble getting comfortable? Whatever the reason, he glanced his eyes around to see what was going on around him. It seems his fwiend Josh wasn't asleep either, but he wasn't too certain about the other oddballs that joined them.
[8/25/2015 1:00:48 AM] Josh: He gazed over at Lloyd, noticing him shifting. "can't sleep either?"
[8/25/2015 1:07:21 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Ya... I dunno wai either." Lloyd said, yawning.
[8/25/2015 1:08:27 AM] Josh: "I'm just excited. Can't sleep. We got 3 dragon balls already!" He chirped.
[8/25/2015 1:21:21 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Totally..." Lloyd said cheerfully.
[8/25/2015 1:21:43 AM] Josh: "Hmm.... Wanna move from the camp so we don't wake the others and spar to wear ourselves out?" He would ask.
[8/25/2015 1:26:56 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "I guess that makes sense. Okey!" Lloyd replied.
[8/25/2015 1:28:36 AM] Josh: He laughed and got up. "Woo!" He chirped. "Ever since the fight with Rhondoku, I've had this... Thing. In my head. A thingy. A... What's it called... Uhh... A craving! Yeah, that's it! To uh... Fight someone as strong if not stronger then me. Rhondoku isn't there. You're more on my level" He explained. "I can't ask anyone but you"
[8/25/2015 4:53:12 PM] Josh: "Anyway, Lloyd" He began as they would reach an open area. Not too far from the camp, but enough to not cause a stir. Large rocks overlaid the area. This would be an interesting battle.

"You ready?"
[8/25/2015 5:04:37 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd stretched and got into his battle stance. "I guess so." He replied with a small yawn.
[8/25/2015 5:05:47 PM] Josh: He chuckled then as he got into stance. "Let's-a-goooooooo!" He chirped as he would charge Lloyd.
[8/25/2015 5:07:49 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd waved one of his hands around a little before charging towards Joshua himself.
[8/25/2015 6:34:07 PM] Josh: Joshua would leap at Lloyd, going for a couple of punches in quick succession.
[8/25/2015 6:56:35 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd raised his arms up quickly to guard against the punches, then he attempted a quick knee to Joshua's gut.
[8/26/2015 1:32:09 AM] Josh: He'd quickly blocked it. What would follow were a flurry of punches and kicks from both boys, so fast that the naked eye would only see them as blurs. Finally, he would back up, leaping into the air and would start firing blasts of ki from his hands, over and over, at Lloyd.
[8/26/2015 11:10:54 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd hopped back several times to avoid the ki blasts. Poor fella didn't really have much of that down himself yet. "Oy, you can do that now!?" He asked loudly. "Grrrr...." He grumbled as he then would take a high leap into the air and cupped his hands by his side.
[4:26:06 PM] Josh: "Trainings been paying off, Lloyd! Work hard, and fight hard!" He called back as he watched Lloyd avoid the ki blasts. Not bad. He'd have to work on his own technique....

The blonde would leap into the air same time as Lloyd did, cupping his hands by his side, seeming to have the same idea.

"Ka.... Me......"
[4:29:14 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Ka... Me...." Lloyd uttered as a glowing blue orb began to materialize between his cupped hands.
[4:31:06 PM] Josh: "Haaa.... Meeee....." He repeated as a glowing blue orb would begin to materialize between his cupped hands... Looks like they were going for a collision!
[4:39:15 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Haaa... Meee....." Lloyd uttered as the orb began to emit more energy, causing a small glowing of light around him, and grow a little bigger.
[4:40:39 PM] Josh: Joshua's orb only grew more and more, matching Lloyd's as he whispered.... And then finally, he was ready to release.

"HAAAAAAAAA!" He let out as he would unleash the Kamehameha, sending the small blue beam toward Lloyd in the air.
[4:42:51 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Ha!" Lloyd briefly let out as he reeled his arms back slightly and then shot his cupped hands forward, firing a similarly small blue beam towards Joshua, who had shot off his own beam as well.
[4:45:38 PM | Edited 4:45:41 PM] Josh: The two beams would collide, but wouldn't last long, creating a large explosion in the air, creating a dust cloud as Joshua would land on his feet.
[4:48:27 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Lloyd reeled back slightly from the explosion, but he managed to land on his feet as well, albeit a bit more clumsily.
Welp, now you can! You see, this site has a plot going on, and it's got a bit of a shortage of the three races above (The Hylians are overpopulating!), and as those races seem to be the ones that get some serious plots, I figured it'd be good to see about finding some Majora's Mask fans out there that wouldn't mind giving it a whirl. Because the more of those races we got, the bigger the plots! The bigger the stories! The bigger the.... HOOPLAH!


A friendly community, and a serious tribute to Majora's Mask, this is something I wholly recommend taking a peek at!


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I'm someone who sees life in a different light. A different perspective. But love me or hate me, I don't stab people in the back, I don't break people's trust. I am quiet to some, and full of life to others.

I have lived different, I have grown up different, I think different, I see different, I feel different, and I am proud to be different. A mistake many people make is judging me based on what they hear, or what they first see. Never a conversation is made, and judgement is placed before they get to know me.

Sure, to some that might seem like a difficult social life to live, but I am proud to say I have persevered, I have survived, and all in all I have survived the horrors known as the primary education system, with all it's pitfalls, all it's traps and all it's temptations, all while retaining the grace of who I am. If that sounds conceited, then conceited I may be, but no matter what people think of me, I am proud to be me.

I have a rather mixed moral code. I'm against drinking, smoking, drug use, and of course the abuse of others both physically and emotionally.

At the same time, I have no gripes of dealing a verbal smackdown to someone who deserves it and it is justified. I'm someone who speaks my mind, and even if it kills me, I wouldn't have it any other way. Some may see the way I go about speaking my mind and being honest at all times as harsh, but for the friends whom know lies, know dishonesty, and know betrayal, this brutal honesty can be a welcome addition.

I aspire to become something a bit out of the ordinary. What's that, you might ask? Well, Professional Wrestling isn't exactly ordinary. It's been a dream, a goal, an aspiration since I was a young boy, and even in my adult years that passion for the business, the desire to go out there and entertain like you know you can, it hasn't faltered. And as long as I live, I hope and pray it never falters, for I feel in my veins that this is my life, this is the direction that I feel the need to go. As of this writing, I am possibly 2 months away from walking the first steps, taking that first maiden voyage into my dreams, an adventure that will bring pain, suffering, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, excitement, enjoyment, and one day, triumph. Conviction. Contentment. Careers are short, and this business is dangerous, but after fighting such an uphill battle to get here, nothing will stop me now. I have come too far, gone through too much pain to quit, and I will not stop until everything is said and done.

With life, comes heartbreak. Comes betrayal. With a moral code, comes a sour opinion on cheating, using, etc. It's happened, and it will happen again, I know. But for me, there is no excuse for it. Why there are people like that in this world, it is beyond me.

My name is Josh. I am one of over 7 billion. I am unique and proud of it.

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