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[2:17:11 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): Mark brushed off Jason's comment. "Well, which king are we visiting?"
[2:17:42 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Fy-Fy looks at Mark. "How many do you -believe- are not bowing down to the Queen?"
[2:18:00 PM] Josh: "Probably whoever she's not fucking" He remarked
[2:44:12 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "I've been in a dungeon for most of your lives. I don't know what's left." Mark shrugged
[2:45:33 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: She sighs, and rubs her forhead. "Well shit... For all we know, the Queen probably has eveyrone..."
[2:47:25 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "How do you not know?" Miles tilted his head. "Wouldn't it be easy to figure out?"
[2:49:03 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "Its rather hard, when you -pretend- your dead for 19 years."
[2:49:34 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "Or was it 15? ...Whatever..."
[2:50:42 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "...It's been this long? With how you look, the kids are the only reason I wasn't guessing one or two years."
[2:51:20 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "I lost track of time, alright." She points at Jason. "How old are you?"
[2:52:00 PM] Josh: "Eh... 19?"
[2:52:47 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "...Roughly 17 years."
[2:55:00 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "...Seriously Lily, being an elf is cheating. You hardly look older, and I'm getting gray hairs." Mark chuckled
[2:55:31 PM] Josh: "I guess that means Miles will never grow up"
[2:56:31 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "Oh he'll grow up... but he'll stop aging at a point, but his lifespand is like yours. Just he won't... look like it."
[2:57:10 PM] Josh: "Joy"
[2:57:46 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "...Shit." Miles shook his head in frustration
[2:59:49 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "...Pfh... At any rate... Guess we'll just head to the nearest one then. Ravenmist."
[3:05:01 PM] Josh: "Hey, I wouldn't mind not going gray. I'll trade if you don't want it" He joked.
[3:05:46 PM] Josh: "Course, with how crazy things have been, I'm probably half incest monkey-Imean elf myself"
[3:06:37 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Fy-Fy went back to crying.

Lilith slapped Jason. Hard. "Nows not the time!"
[3:06:49 PM] Josh: "Ow!" He remarked, rolling his eyes. "Fuck you!"
[3:43:21 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "Kid, that's my job." Mark sighed. "Anyhow, it's a bit of a sensitive subject at the moment. Maybe next time, you could try not making my daughter cry?"

Meanwhile, Miles tried to hide that he actually found the quip funny
[3:44:19 PM | Edited 3:45:01 PM] Josh: "Mark, I got punched for referencing the fact that your wife said elves being incestual was NORMAL. Not your daughter's problems with Miles"
[3:44:29 PM] Josh: "They just took it out of context"
[3:44:42 PM] Josh: "Both of them did" He remarked irritably, glaring at both Fy and Lilith.
[3:49:10 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "It sounded more like you said it at the wrong time, considering the focus was on Amren." Mark crossed his arms, unimpressed with Jason's reasoning.

"It's not Amren..." Miles mumbled bitterly.
[3:50:27 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Lilith just shook her head. "If only Celene could see this now..."
[3:52:32 PM] Josh: "You mentioned Celene a few times, but I'm not really sure who she is" He remarked.
[3:52:45 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "Would we care? You and Mark were the only ones that knew her." The teen rolled his eyes. "Or did you forget that?"
[3:53:21 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "Josh. Celene, is your mother, and an elf like me."
[3:53:27 PM] Josh: "... Wait, what"
[3:54:14 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "She was what?" Apparently Mark hadn't realized.
[4:01:21 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug was standing there, apparently asleep, but he abruptly snapped back awake. "Huh? What? Elves?" He questioned, his eyes wide for a second but lowing to their normal state.
[4:01:23 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): There we go.
[4:01:58 PM] Josh: He bit his lip, scratching his head. ".... Well shit" He said. "You're joking, right?"
[4:03:15 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Lilith shakes her head. "No I'm not. And we were sisters."
[4:03:32 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "Actually no. I lied about that last part."
[4:04:27 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug rubbed his eyes. "What are we talking about again?" He asked.
[4:05:09 PM] Josh: He sighed. "Well, shit. At least I don't have any relatives" He half-joked.
[4:06:43 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "No Jason, you... and Doug don't have any siblings."
[4:07:39 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Gotcha." Doug said.
[4:09:15 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "...Then Nat does?" Miles seemed a bit curious
[4:09:43 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "..I consider the Phoenix as her sibling."
[4:10:13 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "In ayncase, lets go and ride to Ravenmist." Lilith would depart.
[4:12:03 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Well, alright then." Doug said with a shrug as he followed after her.
[4:12:38 PM] Josh: He shrugs. "Okay" He said. "So, I'm going to look young forever? Fine with me" He remarked as he followed her.
[4:12:57 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "Alright then." Mark followed after her.

"Wait, if Mark's back, what horse will I ride?" Miles questioned, worried about having to walk
[4:13:17 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Wait. So does that have to do with what I heard about elves?" Doug asked Jason.
[4:13:23 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Natalya shrugs. "Well thats just great."

Fy-Fy immediately stops crying and states. "You can ride on my horse with me~"
[4:13:36 PM | Edited 4:14:03 PM] Josh: "I get infinite youth, and I don't have any siblings that would have no problem with fucking my brains out. This is a pretty good day" He joked. "There is no way this can backfire"

He stared a hole through Fy-Fy the moment she opened her mouth.
[4:14:32 PM] Josh: "Fy... I swear to FUCKING god..."
[4:15:08 PM | Edited 4:15:19 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug shrugged with a smile. "Oh. So you're an elf too? Am I the only one who isn't an elf? Besides maybe Nattie and Mr. Mark." Doug would question with a small chuckle.
[4:15:27 PM] Josh: "Half elf. Like Miles" He corrected.
[4:15:56 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "You get what I was saying." Doug said.
[4:18:32 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Whenever the gang went outside, Lilith would go to the stable, and bluntly states. "I think the incest jokes have gone abit too far... so please, stop it."

Fy-Fy just looks at Miles.

Natalya shrugs, and goes on what would assume, be her Mothers horse.

Sarah gets on her horse.
[4:19:02 PM] Dec (Nex, Space Hamster): "Sure, it's better than walking." Miles replied. He didn't want to encourage her,  but he wasn't planning on walking the entire way.
[4:19:16 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug got on a horse as well.
[4:19:21 PM] Josh: He would shrug and get on his horse. "Something tells me this adventure is just going to get more and more fucked up"
[4:19:43 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Just now realizing that?" Doug remarked.
[4:19:54 PM] Josh: "If Miles ends up bedding both Fy-Fy and the Queen in the same night, then you heard it from me first" He joked.
[4:23:00 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Alright. I think that's enough for now." Doug said, stifling a small snicker.
[4:23:16 PM] Josh: "That wasn't an incest joke this time, I swear"
[4:25:56 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Lilith would just ignore them now, and gets on her horse. "Miles, get on Fy-Fy's horse." Fy-Fy smiled, going to get on her horse, but was heartbroken when Lilith continued. "Fy'lae, on Natalya's."

Natalya blinks. "...Uhm.. Okay?"

Fy-Fy sniffs, then goes over to get on Natalya's. "But... why?"

"Natalya doesn't know how to ride a horse."
[4:28:00 PM | Edited 4:28:39 PM] Josh: "Granted, none of its really a joke considering Fy-Fy really does want to fuck Miles" He would remark flatly. "Which even I think is ridiculous, and I THREW CHIMI CHUNGAS AT SARAH for gods sake" He added, letting out a sigh.

He shrugged over at them. "You know, if Natalya had spent more time training with the rest of us and actively trying to learn how to ride a horse, this wouldn't have been an issue. What has she even been doing all this time? Besides learning how to drink from a sippy cup like a princess and how to clean up after her phoenix"
Background on this: During a sparring session in the VR, Jason pulled the "kiss distraction" method on the vampire chick so he could stab her.

[2:06:07 AM] Josh: Around that time Sarah came in the room. "....Sorry to possily interupt something important, but... the foods ready. And Jason, don't throw it around this time..."
[1:53:06 AM] Josh: He looked back at Sarah. "Real quick... Exactly, HOW fucking old are you?" He'd ask curiously.
[2:06:25 AM] Josh: [1:57:36 AM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Sarah looks over at Jason. "Older then you. Why? Are you captivated by my beauty?" She mockingly stated, then turns her tatention to Mark. "Well if Miles heard me, I don't know."
Nat slightly openned her door, Vi'la was perched on her head. "What is. It."
[1:58:15 AM] Josh: "Well, thats obvious. But can you give me an exact?" He asked, curious after hearing that she was fighting for them back before he was born.
[2:06:34 AM | Edited 2:06:40 AM] Josh: [2:02:54 AM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Fy-Fy just sniffed, and continued to cry.
Natalya simply gave a slight nod. "I'll be out in a minute..."
Sarah turned to face Jason, and shook her head. "Do you truly want to know?"
[2:03:25 AM] Josh: "I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to know"
[2:03:33 AM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: "I am 57."
[2:04:13 AM] Josh: He nodded a bit. "Good to know, thanks. Completely unrelated, do you happen to know if the washroom has a healthy supply of mouthwash? Just curious.
On a summer afternoon, Adventurer and Black Knight Josh DragonsFlame would happen to be wandering through Clock Town on a brisk stroll before he ended up accidentally near-crashing into Maude, the carpenter boss. The rather grumpy carpenter boss, might I add. "Oh, sorry, I-" The blonde haired black knight had been meaning to speak politely, before realizing he'd bumped into Maude. Oh boy. The carpenter would look at him irritably, and that didn't stop even as she recognized him. "How is it you keep wandering into my constructions sites? They're not open to the public" The black-haired carpenter would remark, still annoyed that the blonde had disrupted her work. The blonde shrugged casually. "Tell you the truth, I have no idea, but it might have to do with patrol. Or maybe I just see a good looking woman and can't resist regardless of the location" he would joke with a cheeky chuckle. While he had his... Reservations with a certain someone but didn't realize it yet, Joshua was a natural flirt, and did it constantly for kicks. Not that many people seemed to mind. Of course, were a relationship to kick in, this would likely be kept to a minimum for obvious reasons.

Maude was taken by surprise, and the carpenter couldn't help but blush. Of course, she knew about the blonde's penchant for flirting, but he always seemed to catch her off-guard. Like a dagger to her chest, but with honeyed words instead of a blade. "I'm at work. I don't have time to deal with your jokes. Don't you have something to be doing? Killing monsters or walking around caves or something?" Maude would retort, trying to sound irritated and annoyed and angry with her hands on her hips, despite the blonde causing her to become... Quite flustered. Josh would simply shrug in response. "Nah. Just because I don't have set patrol times anymore doesn't mean I don't patrol when it feels right, right?" The guardsman would ask. It was true, while he didn't have set times, and didn't even have to patrolexactly, the black knight's habits died hard. Just goes to show just how much he loved this job. "I don't know what you do with your time. Beyond drinking and killing things, I just figured you went around bothering any girl that crosses your path. So far I'm not wrong" Maude would respond, a small smirk crossing her lips. While he'd taken her by surprise with his flustering-inducing words, she seemed content to get the last word whenever she could. The blonde didn't seem bothered, and shrugged again before speaking without missing a singular heartbeat. "Nah. Between patrol, training and adventuring, drinkings a pastime. If I recall, didn't even bother you, we were introduced" Joshua would correct Maude with a small smirk of his own. Oh, he knew that she liked to tease him. He just liked to correct her because he just knew how much that irritated Maude like the dickens.

"You saw that, but I only ever see you with a drink in your hand, coffee, milk, or otherwise, and you certainly find a way to bother me whenever your around. I say again, I'm working. Don't think I have any reservation turning this hammer from the nails and to you" Maude would jokingly threaten, holding up her hammer mock threateningly. Or maybe she was serious? With her constant state of annoyance, who could tell? "And why would you do that? Not my fault you usually only see me on my downtime" Josh would remark in response. "I feel like I'm being clear, unless you're going to help me put nails in wood, I don't want you around. Your thrilling conversation isn't as thrilling as carpentry right now" Maude would respond with a huff. Yep. She was in one of those usual moods, it seemed. Josh would shrug in response, raising an eyebrow. "If you wanted me to give you a hand, Maude, you could have asked nicely" He would remark. He really didn't mind helping the carpenter out, after all. Maude would appear to consider this idea for a moment, turning to glare at the other workers. Such annoying, useless workers she had to deal with. Couldn't she get someone who knew what the hell they were doing for once? "I don't need help, but building with more than one person might make things go faster. Does that count as my polite request?" Maude would add. She didn't like the idea of asking for help, but he was offering it, why not; right? "You did mention they're shit at their jobs" He would remark, eyeing them. "So I suppose I could take some time out to help. You owe me a drink later though" He would half-joke with a chuckle as he would grab a hammer from one of the spares, and a set of nails. "Don't worry, I'm no amateur. When I used to live in a crap shack, I had to repair the stupid thing all the time because my "rent" didn't cover repairs" Josh added. Of course, he didn't seem to go into detail on just why he used to live in a crap shack. If he recalled, Maude didn't actually know a whole lot about him or his past. Just that he used to be a ranch worker. He couldn't recall if he'd mentioned much beyond that... He'd really only told Selene otherwise.

Maude stared at him, bewildered, struggling as she tried to form words for a moment. He was serious about offering his help? "What? You're really gonna do this? You don't have to. I mean I'm sure you know what you're doing, you're a farm hand, but I'm not asking you to do my work" Maude would protest. I mean, she would love proper help from someone who knew what he was doing, but... It just seemed to catch her off guard. Why would anyone offer to help her, with no indication of anything he wanted in return? Sure, he'd said she owed him a drink, but it was obvious by the amusement in his tone that he wasn't actually serious about wanting anything in return. And a simple drink wasn't really worth all this work anyways. Josh would shrug as got to work without hesitation, grabbing a spare hammer and nails, and got straight to work on helping Maude with the structure she was working on. "It's no problem. Maybe they'll let you go early if you do a good job" He would joke with a mouthful of nails.

"I don't leave until enough work is done. If that means I have to stay until and lord over people until we've donesomething that I'll do it. I suppose I owe you a thanks then. If you want a drink I'll get you one" Maude responded with an attempt at a sigh. She was going to let him help her, sure, but she wasn't going to act all happy about it. Still, she was grateful for it, even if she had a... Rather hard time showing it. Josh would shrug casually as he kept working, placing the nails where they should be, with surprising placement and precision before hammering them properly without ruining the nails. "I'll hold you to that" He would crack with a smirk. He didn't really care if Maude did or not, he was just glad to help. He didn't want nor need a reward. He simply wanted to help out. Maude stared at the blonde haired Hylian in absolute confusion as he worked diligently without pay. "I'm serious, I just said I would. I don't get why your bothering with this, but I will buy you a drink" Maude added toward him. "But only one. I'm not starting another drinking contest with you."

The blonde looked at her, and would chuckle in response. "You couldn't hold your liquor last time, why would I?" He asked. Of course, he hadn't been able to either, and they'd both passed out around the same time. But he wasn't mentioning that. The sooner they forgot The Bootyover, the better. Maude stared at him for a moment, with an angry look on her face. "....We're not starting this again. No more drinking contests, period and you can keep your quips to yourself" She remarked flatly.

"Okay" He spoke gingerly with a nod. "If we ever do it again, I'm just bringing a few home and drinking there. We're obviously not capable of erotic shenanigans while drunk, so we'd be obliterating the problem of dealing with idiots" He remarked right back. Oh, he remembered those two gluttonous peons who tried to ruin their morning. Maude's cheeks turned deep red in embarrassment. He was making her flustered again! "I said no more! I'm not interested in anything "erotic" with you! Last I check, neither were you!" She shouted as she would angrily, aggressively pound the nail with absolutely no mercy. What did the nail ever do to you, Maude? ".... Probably shouldn't be yelling this..." She muttered quietly as she realized probably the whole town could hear her shouting. Again.

Josh would spit out the nails in his mouth as he started laughing. "By the Goddesses, Maude, calm down!" He would remark toward her, chuckling. "I didn't say we WOULD do any of that stuff, I said we WEREN'T capable of it. Are you even bloody listening to me?" The blonde would ask her as he would pick up his supply of nails and get back to hammering the one he was working on. The girl needed to bloody chill.

"Still came too close for my comfort. I think I might prefer drinking alone." Maude would grumble to herself irritably, unhappily. "According to the bartender, we had our witty banter, knocked a few drinks over and stomped on some feet as we struggled to the stage, sang drunken karaoke, then passed out and were dragged into that room because he didn't want to pay for a room in the inn for us. How exactly was that too close for comfort?" Josh would inquire curiously. Sure, there had been quite a few shenanigans involved, but they had never.... You know. "Unless your comfort zone involves nothing but evil staring at one another until one person suddenly explodes" The blonde added cheekily. Oh boy, snarky Josh was back again. He was back back back, he was back back back, back again.

"....... Well the wake up wasn't nice. There was still the chance that one of us could hae done something stupid. We were very drunk!" Maude would remark, getting flustered again. Oh goddesses, she hated when he made her do that! Josh would shrug as he kept hammering the nail, before admiring his handiwork. "Well, I have a sense of humour over the fact that my sexual drive is almost nonexistant. You can take comfort in that" He revealed with a chuckle. Maude wasn't really sure if she took any sort of comfort in that. Actually, that was sort of sad. Funny, but sad. Maybe some day, some girl would show him what it means to... Actually, we aren't even going to get into that. Granted, she had a feeling that the blonde probably came out of that encounter at the bar with... Well, a little more going on in his head then he had coming in. That thought made her turn red in embarrassment, even worse then before! "Can we just change the topic?" She would irritably request, the distraction causing her to slam the hammer into her hand. "SHIT!" She let out in pain once she'd realized what she had done, holding the struck hand. "SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!" She added, close to tears from the pain. By the goddesses, she'd hit the damn thing near hard as she could, and hit her hand instead! Could you blame her?

While Josh was concerned, he knew trying to show it, or check on her would just lead to her bitching him out. So humor was the only way he could go. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Goddesses are getting you for being so angry, Maude. Try and smile sometimes" He would joke. Maude glared at him with teary eyes. "Maybe I'll laugh when you say something funny!" She cursed at him as she rubbed her hand irritably. "Shit" She muttered, with a few more audible curses coming under her breath. She picked the hammer up and tried to go back to work, too prideful to admit it was bothering her.

Alright, now he needed to do something. "Here" Josh said as he put the hammer and nails down, making her stop as he took her hand, knotting his fingers through hers for a moment that seemed to go on way too long in his mind. "This isn't what it looks like, I swear. Don't struggle, this'll only take a moment" He said as his hand would glow. Maude would feel her wounded hand producing a warm and tingly feeling, before the pain would slowly melt away and the bruises from the hammer would fade away before he would release her hand. "Fire magic" He'd remark as he went back to work without another word. Maude had been struggling and complaining the whole time, but stopped when he would release her hand. "..............Oh! Uhhh... thanks too, I guess" Maude remarked, looking down at her hand and wondering just who's hand this was. It was brand spanking new! Not a scratch on her! She wiped it on her shirt and slowly went back to work as if its going to fall off unless she used it enough.

Josh chuckled a bit as he went back to work. "Think nothing of it. All I did was fix you up" He would explain. "Alright. I'll try. It's just.... Strange is all" Maude said quietly, hammering in silence for a moment before speaking up. "Oi, Josh. How does magic work anyways?" She asked, with a curious glimmer in her tone. "Well, first, you traverse through dangerous territory, risk your neck in an area full of fucking monsters, then you walk into a cave and hope its not a monster cave. Then if its not a monster cave, a giant bloody fairy comes out and grants you a wish - I mean grants you magic of an element that's not really your choice, instead its the choice of some kind of deity behind a keyboard or something, according to the legends. Whatever a bloody keyboard is... Then you... I don't know. Do it. You... Just do it” He would explain, or try to explain anything. Honestly, the circumstances around meeting Finn and the rest that had followed was kind of blurry and shady in his mind. "Oh well..... that's sounds interesting." She remarked. She supposed there was something she wasn't getting here, but it sounds stupid as shit, she thought. “Well, that’s how you do magic. And if you want more magic, you gotta risk your life in dungeons to get coins to spend to get more levels of it, or more spells. Oh and you don’t choose which spell you get each time. For some reason its randomized” Josh would add, with a shrug. "I kind of imagined fairies being like all powerful benevolent creatures. At least that's what I've read in stories. Magic can't be worth soo much effort can it?" Maude would ask, and Josh would simply shrug in response. "Depends on what you do with it" He would answer.

After a little while of working in silence, Maude would decide to ask a question. "Why don't you leave me alone and go find that other girl I see you with so often. Who's she, your sister or someone?" Maude would ask. Of course, it had come off as rude, and making it sound like she didn't want him there. But that was far from the case for her. "Hm?" Josh asked, blinking as he looked over at her. "Who, Selene?" He asked. "I don't know. The blonde with the blue ribbon in her hair. You know the only girl you talk to besides me, I'm sure" Maude responded, throwing her hands up. "I really only have two female friends besides you. Ariadne and Selene. And Nerina, sort of. We don't talk much at all..." Josh spoke quietly. "You'd be lucky if Nerina talked to you. Which is the blonde then? Saileen or Ariadine?" Maude would respond, with... Rather harsh mispronunciations of the two. "They're both blondes, I believe" Josh would add, shrugging. "Ok well, she's kind of tall, long nearly white, blonde hair. Uhhh wears maroon a lot, I think. Fuck I don't know. You're the one who knows them. You tell me!" Maude would respond with a raised eyebrow and a newly irritated look. "You mean my festival partner?" Josh would ask curiously. "Yeah! Her! Who's she?" Maude would ask abruptly. For some reason, she seemed quite curious to know. "Selene" Josh responded.

".... And?" Maude asked, raising an eyebrow as she waited patiently. "And what?" Josh asked, blinking. "AND WHO IS SHE!?" She would yell, starting to lose her patience. "A good friend of mine. Why?" Josh asked, still seeming innocent about what Maude was getting at. Maude stare intently at him. "Call me curious. What is she like?" Maude would ask, almost in a hiss.
"I mean, I guess she was a friend of ours, but what is she like? Tell me about her, besides the obvious" She would add.

Josh shrugged, still oblivious at what she was getting at. "Uh.. Not much to say. She's a sweet girl, always wants to do well for everyone if she can" He spoke truthfully, nervously. Why did he always get butterflies talking about Selene. "Well she must be more than just sweet if you spend so much time with her? You're not really helping me make conversation here!" Maude would remark, starting to lose her patience with him. "I guess its just... Uh.. Hard to explain" He would admit, scratching his head. "There's something about her that seems... Special, somehow" Josh would add, with a sigh. Oh lord, the butterflies. "Well, special how? Come on, it can't be that hard!" She responded. This was... Interesting, she thought. Why was the usually confident guardsman suddenly so... Nervous? "Well... She's a nice girl. Always tries to do everyone right. Wouldn't hurt a fly if she didn't have to. Uhh... She... Looks nice, I guess. And she really likes animals" He stuttered, scratching his head. Why did they have to come now? Maude was likely noticing this... Ohhh boy.

"Goddesses, what's wrong with you? Did I say something or are you just being an idiot?" Maude asked, raising an eyebrow. Something was odd with this boy, she could see it. But why? "No, no... It's... Uh... Just hard to describe" He admitted, chuckling nervously. "Its hard to explain. She just... Really resonates with me, I guess.... She's... Really fun to be around, and won't stab me in the back if her life depended on it" He stammered. Here came the nerves again. "Resonates? what are you talking about?" Maude asked. He almost sounded like he...

Ohhhhh shit.

She couldn't tell for sure, but she'd keep pressing him, curious now. "Why are you asking?" Josh would inquire toward her. "You're the one acting stupid over some girl. Don't correct me!" She would respond. He let out a sigh. "You're the one who asked me to tell you what she's like..." Josh would complain, biting his lip. "Well I didn't realize it was going to be so much of an effort! And I still don't know much about her besides that she's 'nice.' Excuse me for asking a simple question!" Maude would remark, narrowed eyes fixed on the blonde. Why was he acting like an idiot all of a sudden? It couldn't be that he LIKED this girl, was it? This Selene girl? "Well, what did you expect me to say?" Josh asked. "I said pretty, nice, animal lover, loyal, fun to hang around with, sweet. What else did you expect? Well, besides that this sweet little girl uses a weapon better then you do" He would tease with a cheeky grin.

"Hardy har har. I was expecting you to be able to at least say a complete sentence instead of stuttering out random things about her. I suppose I'll just have to meet her myself, since you're no help." Maude snarked right back. Oh boy, he was digging at her now. He rolled his eyes and smirked. "Well, I can say from experience that she's a hell of a fighter. She'd probably give me a run for my money. Whenever I'm going somewhere that could potentially be incredibly dangerous, I always ask Selene to accompany me. I'm not invincible, I can't handle every danger myself, and Selene's someone I've known a long time, that I can trust in a scrap" He explained. Well, honestly, there was more to it then that. He couldn't explain their relationship, they were bonded, linked in some fashion. And they both knew it.

"So, that complete sentence-y enough for you?" He would add, eyeing her with a raised eyebrow. "Why didn't you just say that in the first place? She sounds like a decent person. We don't have many of those in Clock Town. I don't why you were getting all flustered and stuff though. Is there something I don't know?" Maude would complain, still irritated with the blonde for holding back on her. "I don't either. Must have just been a lapse of memory" Josh would lie. He didn't know why he had butterflies either, truthfully. "........It's damn suspicious. Did something happen between you two? Did you date or something?" She asked, digging into him now. Her nosy side was starting to kick in, she was rather curious now. She'd never seen this side of the young man. He would blink, confused. "No?" He responded. How do you tell someone you've never actually dated a woman in your life? That was what he was thinking.

"Is that a question? What am I supposed to take from that? There's something wrong with you today" Maude accused him adamantly with a pointed stare. Josh shook his head. "Nah, I'm fine. You shouldn't jump to conclusions, Maude. You seem to do that a lot" He would half-joke with a small smile. At the very least his confidence was back. "B-but I didn't make any assumptions! I asked a question, but seems to be a problem for you today! You know what I didn't hear your adorable little responce? A GODDAMN ANSWER!" Maude would yell. Maude, again with the yelling. Geez. They were in the middle of a bloody town here. Once again, Josh shrugged. "You're getting worked up over nothing again, Maude. And getting angry. You do that a lot" He'd tease faux innocently, the slightest faint traces of a grin crossing his face. Payback time? Payback time. "Seriously though. I gave you my answer, I just had some struggle finding the words" He half-said in truth. He wasn't sure the real answer, really.

"I'm not getting upset, you're just being aggravating. I didn't really ask for your opinion on the matter either way. Something's going on between you and Selene, I don't know what, but something." Maude spoke flatly. There was something going on, she just knew it! But what? What was it about these two that made the man go ga-ga when he talked about her? Josh shook his head in response. "Nothing's going on, Maude. I'm serious" Josh spoke, blinking again. He didn't know what her deal was today, she being awfully... Nosy. She stared at him suspiciously, obviously not believing him. before turning back to her work, grumbling something about not being THAT thick. Josh chuckled a bit, and put another nail into the structure they were building and got back to work. "Are you trying to cover up that you've got someone special in your life, Maude?" He would suddenly tease with a grin. Oh, payback was grand indeed.

"W-WHAT!?" She let out suddenly, giving him a confused and ever so slightly annoyed stare in response. No! And I don't appreciate the question. I don't even know how you'd get that idea!" She'd remark flatly with a huff. Josh tilted his head. "You seemed real fine with asking me the same question, but with more accusing" Josh would point out accusingly. "That's because you were acting like two you fought or something. It was a valid question, with things provoking its asking. Oh, but I forgot questions are complicated with you. Let's ignore your strange behavior at my perfectly acceptable questions and allow me to apologize for thinking your random, intrusive question is fucking stupid!" She'd add with a sharp glare in the blonde's direction.

"I don't think we've ever actually fought" Josh admitted with a shrug. "I just had a bit of a hard time finding the words. But you really seemed keen on the dating idea, so I figured maybe you've got dating on the mind, y'know?" Josh would add, trying to hide his amusement to what he was saying and Maude's reactions. "I guess? I don't know. I've really thought about it for myself. Never had anyone provoke the thought and given the town I live in now I don't think there's any chance of that happening in the future either. Still, you're the one who made things seems like they weren't, if they in fact aren't like that or... whatever you know what I mean. It's your fault!" Maude would accuse toward him, trying to shift the blame back to the black knight.

Josh chuckled a bit. "I think you're just thinking too much into it. I've never been in a relationship. Don't know if I ever will be. I had a chance once, and she's gone now. Just like anyone else I've ever loved" He responded with a sad smile. "I'm actually kind of scared to love now. Because turns out that if I love... Life likes to find ways to take them away from me" He said, growing a little bit quiet as his eyes moved downward toward what he was working on. "Maybe... I'm just not meant for that kind of thing" He whispered quietly, as he closed his eyes. The sadness obvious in his voice.

Maude noticed Josh's change in tone, and couldn't help but feel like it was partially her fault. She swore there was something she wasn't seeing here, but bringing up dating didn't do jack but make them both upset. She made a mental note of that for the future, but now she had to try her best to fix her mistake. You'd think she'd be better at that by this point, but... "Oi, well.... Uh... Life is.... Life is a bitch like that, honestly, it always seems to find a need to stick a fork into good things, but... I don't think that's on you. Its more on the goddesses. They're testing you and giving you things to overcome and...." Shit, she had no idea what she was trying to get at. "Just, you're not the problem. Life is. You're not like me. You're not mean or rude, or unfriendly, or easily frustrated. You're nice and patient and generous and stuff like that and shit happens but you stayed a nice guy while I just got bitchier as time when on. You have friends and people to talk to, because you're a good person who people like. If anyone's not meant for that sort of thing it's someone like me.... But you're not like me" She managed to get out.

Ok, that just kind of blurted out of her. She meant something by that, she thought, but even she wasn't quite sure what it was. Shows how nice it is to hang around her, Maude will make you feel like crap by accident (or on purpose) and fail at trying to fix it. She went back to work on her nails, knowing she couldn't do much else.

Josh seemed to consider all of this for a few awkward minutes as he worked without a word. Finally, he stopped and let out a sigh. ".... Thank you" He spoke quietly with a small smile as he looked over at Maude. "But... You deserve to be happy too. Everyone does" He spoke softly. Maude didn't know what to say at this juncture, and kept working. The blonde chuckled slightly and went back to work himself, not noticing the small smile that had brought itself to the carpenter's lips.
Sonata One Shots: Forgive And Forget
Thanks "TheFoxyAssassin" for helping Co-write this little non-canon One Shot in the SoA board. 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
[5/11/2015 11:46:59 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: She flinched. "I am not a 'wittle' princess!" The Princess would walk out of the town, going on the road. "I can take care of my Se-AHHH!" She fell down some pit, which would immediately close up after the Princess disappeared in it.
[5/11/2015 11:48:20 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug stopped and blinked. "What the Rosalina?" He would exclaim in confusion and looked at the pit area that had abruptly closed up.
[5/11/2015 11:49:09 PM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): ".......Oh right I forgot about the pit."
[5/11/2015 11:49:12 PM] Josh: "What was that?" He asked as he watched the hole close behind her. "Well, that didn't last long"
[5/11/2015 11:50:03 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug got down on one knee and examined the area. "Well, anyone have ideas for reopening random pits?" He would ask.
[5/11/2015 11:50:32 PM] Josh: "Nope. Maybe she popped up elsewhere if it closed behind her. Lets keep going" He said as he kept walking down the trail. "Ginger! Assylass! Let's-A-Go!"
[5/11/2015 11:51:57 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug got up and shrugged, it appeared that he looked worried and unnerved. "Ugh... Guess so." He muttered as he followed after Blondie once more.
[5/11/2015 11:52:18 PM] Josh: "I'm sure she's fine. Maybe they're teaching her how to cook"
[5/11/2015 11:52:49 PM] Josh: "Maybe its Gordon Toadsys kitchen that the hole leads to"
[5/11/2015 11:53:04 PM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): "Maybe... Awkward piping." She hissed as she followed.
[5/11/2015 11:53:04 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Oh my god hes getting a Slap when she finds out about that one
[5/11/2015 11:53:27 PM | Edited 11:53:28 PM] Josh: "Or maybe she's getting the Biggoron Sword the size of mount everest" He whispered toward Rita.
[5/11/2015 11:53:38 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug grumbled.
[5/11/2015 11:54:06 PM] Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae: Stawp it ;~;
[5/11/2015 11:54:42 PM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): "WILL YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR DICK?"
[5/11/2015 11:55:24 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug shook his head.
[5/11/2015 11:57:10 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): (Before he gets kicked in the dick.)
[5/11/2015 11:57:25 PM] Josh: ".... Who said I was talking about my dick?"
[5/11/2015 11:57:36 PM] Josh: "Goombas frequent this area. Maybe she's getting the Goom"
[5/11/2015 11:58:08 PM] Josh: "Goombas don't have hands. How do you think they handle objects?"
[5/11/2015 11:58:19 PM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): She suddenly seemed antsy the further they got from town. A strange sort of panic came to her eyes, her breathing shallowed, and shoulders tensed. "St-Stop."
[5/11/2015 11:58:55 PM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug stopped and he looked at Rita. "What's the matter with you?" He asked.
[5/11/2015 11:59:56 PM | Edited 11:59:57 PM] Josh: "Hey, I see someone up ahead" He said as he pointed to a stumpy armless creature ahead.
[12:00:06 AM] Josh: "That's one ugly Toad"
[12:00:49 AM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): "....That's... Not... A toad.."
[12:01:04 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "I do believe that is a Goomba." Doug inquired.
[12:06:57 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "I'm pretty sure he or she won't bother us if we try to not look for a fight." Doug added on.
[12:08:58 AM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): Rita scratched her head violently, her hair suddenly falling into her face. "Fuckfuckfuck..."
[12:09:28 AM] Josh: He shrugged and walked over to it. "Ey, buddy. Do you happen to know what happens to people who fall into that hole back there?"
[12:09:51 AM | Edited 12:10:25 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug looked at Rita. "I ask again. What the Rosalina is wrong with you right now? You look like you got scared by a Boo." He would ask again... As he said.
[12:09:56 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): XD
[12:14:49 AM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): "........" She shook her head.
[12:15:34 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug pat her head. "Just calm down. We're not in danger or anything. Just chill. Be like an Ice Flower.... Nice, cool, and lets you shoot icy balls." Doug said to her.
[12:16:44 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Well, except without the part of shooting icy balls... Unless we find an actual one somewhere." He added on.
[12:17:08 AM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): She nodded, but never looked up.
[12:17:40 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): He wrapped an arm around her shoulders in comfort.
[12:17:43 AM] Josh: ".... Icy balls" Josh muttered as the Goomba would look back at him. "YEEEUP, that der belongs to tha great King Goomba. She a friend o yers?"

"... Yeah. That's the Princess. Can we get her back?"
Doug blushed and glanced back at her. "Do you have some kind of Goomba phobia or something?" He asked curiously.
[12:22:57 AM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): She shook her head, gripping his shirt from behind.
[12:24:13 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug nodded. "Alright then..." He replied to the silent answer.

"... Yeah. You're not getting er back" The Goomba said. "But eat THIS!" He called as he hit Josh with... A headbutt.

"OW!" He let out as he would reel back. "What the fuck is wrong with you, you bald, arm-less oversized drug?"
[12:27:42 AM] Commandass Bootylass (Aly): Rita glanced out and gulped. "....."
[12:27:44 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): Doug cracked his fingers. "Ah, these guys are easy to deal with when they begin to act troublesome." He said with a grin.
[12:28:00 AM] Josh: "Wait, wait, I got it" Josh said as he would hold out a hand.
[12:28:55 AM] Josh: He would step back, and shrug. "Okay, I surrender!" He called to the Goomba with his hands up. "We surrender!"

"Good! Now we march to the Goomba King's Castle so we can sell you for-"

"PSYCHE" Josh suddenly called as he would get a running start and punt the Goomba. High. Into the sky. As it screamed in terror.
[12:29:21 AM] Doug Glick (DAHG): "Well, I was gonna suggest just stomping him into the ground with a good jump, but that works too." Doug said as he began laughing.
Welp, now you can! You see, this site has a plot going on, and it's got a bit of a shortage of the three races above (The Hylians are overpopulating!), and as those races seem to be the ones that get some serious plots, I figured it'd be good to see about finding some Majora's Mask fans out there that wouldn't mind giving it a whirl. Because the more of those races we got, the bigger the plots! The bigger the stories! The bigger the.... HOOPLAH!


A friendly community, and a serious tribute to Majora's Mask, this is something I wholly recommend taking a peek at!


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I'm someone who sees life in a different light. A different perspective. But love me or hate me, I don't stab people in the back, I don't break people's trust. I am quiet to some, and full of life to others.

I have lived different, I have grown up different, I think different, I see different, I feel different, and I am proud to be different. A mistake many people make is judging me based on what they hear, or what they first see. Never a conversation is made, and judgement is placed before they get to know me.

Sure, to some that might seem like a difficult social life to live, but I am proud to say I have persevered, I have survived, and all in all I have survived the horrors known as the primary education system, with all it's pitfalls, all it's traps and all it's temptations, all while retaining the grace of who I am. If that sounds conceited, then conceited I may be, but no matter what people think of me, I am proud to be me.

I have a rather mixed moral code. I'm against drinking, smoking, drug use, and of course the abuse of others both physically and emotionally.

At the same time, I have no gripes of dealing a verbal smackdown to someone who deserves it and it is justified. I'm someone who speaks my mind, and even if it kills me, I wouldn't have it any other way. Some may see the way I go about speaking my mind and being honest at all times as harsh, but for the friends whom know lies, know dishonesty, and know betrayal, this brutal honesty can be a welcome addition.

I aspire to become something a bit out of the ordinary. What's that, you might ask? Well, Professional Wrestling isn't exactly ordinary. It's been a dream, a goal, an aspiration since I was a young boy, and even in my adult years that passion for the business, the desire to go out there and entertain like you know you can, it hasn't faltered. And as long as I live, I hope and pray it never falters, for I feel in my veins that this is my life, this is the direction that I feel the need to go. As of this writing, I am possibly 2 months away from walking the first steps, taking that first maiden voyage into my dreams, an adventure that will bring pain, suffering, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, excitement, enjoyment, and one day, triumph. Conviction. Contentment. Careers are short, and this business is dangerous, but after fighting such an uphill battle to get here, nothing will stop me now. I have come too far, gone through too much pain to quit, and I will not stop until everything is said and done.

With life, comes heartbreak. Comes betrayal. With a moral code, comes a sour opinion on cheating, using, etc. It's happened, and it will happen again, I know. But for me, there is no excuse for it. Why there are people like that in this world, it is beyond me.

My name is Josh. I am one of over 7 billion. I am unique and proud of it.

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